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Zombie Stomp!

Page history last edited by fabriziomarcotulli@gmail.com 12 years, 11 months ago

Zombie stomp! A game for 2-4 players

What you'll need:

A board with 8x8 Squares (If you've got a chessboard, that'll save you the trouble of drawing one out!

3 Tokens to represent Survivors, and SEVERAL tokens to represent the undead

8 tree tokens

1 6-sided die

What'd going on?

A zombie apocalypse has occoured. The survivors are trying to make it to the entrance of a bunker in a forest where an airlift escape via helicopter is waiting. Zombies, of course, are following thier food and have no intention of letting it go anywhere.


First, to represent the woods, Players take turns laying down tree tokens randomly on the board. 4 tokens for the zombie player and 4 tokens for the humans, regardless of how many players. Spaces with tree tokens on them cannot be used by humans or zombies (they block movement) Next, Humans and zombies set up on oppisite sides of the board, Initial Zombies start at 3, and add one more for each additional player. Human players may begin on the first row of squares, but the zombie player may use the first 2 rows. Flip a coin to determine who goes first!

The human survivors are trying to reach the other side to escape the board, and escape it successfully from there. They can move, and shove zombies, or even other players. The humans have 4 action points per survivor, and may use them to either move, or shove zombies/other players. Movement costs one point per square, and 2 points to shove. To shove, the character being shoved must be in an adjacent space, not a diagonal. The character being shoved is sent 2 squares in the oppisite direction. when players/zombies get shoved into trees (IE they get knocked back 1 space, then a tree stops them) they become stunned and may not move during thier next turn. If a player is shoved into a zombie, the zombie gets a free attack immediately.

Each zombie gets 4 action points. Movement to another square costs one point. Attacking a survivor costs 2 points.

Zombie attack. a zombie may bite players that are adjacent to it, not diagonal. If a player is bitten and survive, they must shove the zombie away before doing any other action at the start of thier next turn. When a bite is initiated, the survivor being attacked may attempt to dodge, by rolling the die. On a roll of 4+, the survivor dodges the lunge and they are free to flee next turn.. Survivors can absorb 3 bites before they too, become zombies, still controlled by the player. Only now thier goal has changed from run, to eat!

new Zombies are placed on the board as the game progresses. 1 new zombie may enter the board per turn from all 3 sides not used by the survivors to enter, within the first row of squares. but No deeper than 5 squares down the board from the zombies initial starting area, as to not start too close to the humans.

Players may mix up thier turn phase as much as they please, so long as they have sufficient action points to do so. Such as a survivor may move, then shove, or shove then move, etc etc.

The zombies win if they manage to turn all the survivors into the indead. The surviving humans win by living to get accross the board!


Comments (2)

fabriziomarcotulli@gmail.com said

at 10:52 am on Aug 24, 2009

I took the iberty of editing two things for the rules:
1) saying the board is 8x8 instead of 64x64: I figured 4096 squares was a little too much, especially after the chess board comment and the amount of tree tokens
2) I added the tree tokens as part of the components.

I´ll probably playtest this in the near future to offer feedback

Dan Roth said

at 9:54 pm on Sep 5, 2009

Wow, good eye on catching the grid. 4096 would have been a bit out of hand! *laughs* Thanks for the touchups, sometimes I miss things ;)

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