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Ziggurat - Race to the top

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Ziggurat: Race to the Top

2-4 players

Time to complete: Rough version 12+ minutes  Sumbitted version: a bit longer

Summary: Race to the top of the Ziggurat, but watch out for your opponents!


The path is a squared spiral, a stylized Ziggurat. Players start at the bottom and "race" to the top, traversing each "square" on the board. The winner being the first to reach the "top". Players may number 2, 3 or 4.


Players advance by rolling a die. Players advance the number of spaces indicated on the die.


The corner spaces are special, acting much like diagonal squares in checkers. If two players are on adjacent corner spaces, the player on the "higher" space may elect to slip "down" one level, knocking the opponent back to the start. This is in lieu of a die roll for that turn.

Comments (1)

Robert Polzin said

at 8:24 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Sounds like an interesting concept and I definitely am a big fan of Ziggurats! (dont ask why its a long story :P) I think seeing a map would help clarify for me how the tiles are separated and how close together they are. I'm guessing the higher up it gets the narrower it is. Perhaps this game would be more effective with a pyramid where as you reach the top spaces get narrower and the competition gets fiercer Although, that would work for this game too I just need a more visual idea to see what I'm working with.

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