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Page history last edited by anubis9 11 years, 11 months ago


15-Minute Game Challenge

by Mike Holyoak (anubis9)


You are strains of the zombie virus racing through the victim’s body toward the brain. When six strains of the virus reach the brain the victim is converted and the player who had the most strains in the brain is the winner!





Game board—X-Virus.pdf

4 green beads

4 Blue beads

1 standard deck of cards (no jokers)





Place 2 green beads on the two start spaces on the left hand and two on the start spaces on the left foot.

Place Place 2 blue beads on the two start spaces on the right hand and two on the start spaces on the right foot.

Shuffle the deck of cards.

Each player draws three cards to form their starting hands.


Game Play:

Starting with the player who was most recently sick, players alternate turns. On your turn you must do 2 things:

1. Play a Card

2. Draw a Card


When you “Play a Card,” you have 3 Options (choose 1):

1. Reveal and discard a card from your hand and then move one of your virus markers (beads) forward the number on the card. The card’s suit must match the body region that the marker is in. (I.E. To use a heart card for movement, your marker must be in the heart region of the body)

2. Reveal and discard a card from your hand and then move one of your opponent’s virus markers backward a number of spaces equal to the number on the card (again, the suit must match the region of the body the marker is in)

3. Discard a card from your hand and do nothing.


For the “Draw a card” phase of your turn, you simply take the top card of the deck into your hand.


NOTE: Number cards all move the marker that number of spaces (2–9). Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) move a marker 5 spaces. Aces move a marker just 1 space.


Moving from one region to the next:

Regions of the body (EXCEPT THE BRAIN) do not halt movement, but the card played must match the suit of the region the marker begins in. If a card would move a marker from the Spade or Club Region into the Heart region it is allowed to move the full number of spaces.


Moving into the Brain (Diamond region):

Moving into the brain requires the playing of a Diamond card. If a heart card would move you to the last space on the heart track or beyond you must STOP on the last space. (The one with the arrows pointing into the head/brain.)


Once a marker is on the last space of a heart track, it can be moved into the brain on a subsequent turn by playing any Diamond card. Place the marker on the square that corresponds to the card played (I.E. if a 9 of diamonds is used to move into the brain, place the marker on the square with “8,9” in the corner). If the corresponding square is full, place the marker in the next LOWEST empty square.


Game End:

Once there are 6 markers in the brain (Diamond region) the game immediately ends. If the draw pile is ever exhausted, the game immediately ends.


Winning the Game:

The winner is the player with the most markers in the brain. If there is a tie, the winner is the player with the token in the highest value square. (The Q, K, A square has the highest value, followed by 10, J and continuing in descending order).


Comments (2)

Dave Seidner said

at 6:15 pm on Jul 1, 2009

Cool board! I like the way you've incorporated standard playing cards into the gameplay. What happens if no one makes it to the brain and the deck is exhausted? I could see that possibly happening if opponents keep moving each other backwards and no one ends up gaining much ground as a result.

anubis9 said

at 1:47 am on Jul 3, 2009

Very good question!
I only playtested once, so I really don't have a good answer.
Maybe for the 30 minute challenge I'll work that out. :)

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