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WW1 Game Challenge from Lesson 3

Page history last edited by agj 13 years, 8 months ago

This page contains games developed as homeplay for Lesson 3 (summarized below) that authors would like to be publically available. It was based off of Challenge 2-5 in the Challenges text, with some minor changes [which Ian explained as] "just to keep you on your toes". Participants chose a difficulty level based on previous experience with game design, with symbols borrowed from Ski Routes:


The challenge taken from the Lesson 3 page:


Most war-themed games have an objective of either territorial control or capture/destroy (as described earlier). For this challenge, you’ll be pushing beyond these traditional boundaries. You should design a non-digital game that includes the following:


The theme must relate to World War I. The primary objective of players cannot be territorial control, or capture/destroy.


You cannot use territorial control or capture/destroy as game dynamics. That is, your game is not allowed to contain the concepts of territory or death in any form.


As above, and the players may not engage in direct conflict, only indirect.


Submissions were posted forums by Thursday, July 9, noon GMT.


Games Created using this Challenge (Now in Alphabetical Order...please add accordingly)

note: if you are wondering what people have come up with since you were last on, go to recent activity, click More activity, and hit New Pages in the Filter Activity box. If adding your own, please put the difficulty level in the page title in the form "<game name> (Level)"


A Matter of Conscience "AMoC" (Black) by DoctorMikeReddy

2+ Players

Time to complete: 30 minutes research on the internet, 10 minutes coffee, 25 minutes to type up the rules

Summary: Simulation of Conscientious Objection Tribunals from WW1, heavily stacked against one player, so a real challenge.


Arms Race:WW1 (green)by Dave Seidner

3 to 6 Players

Time to Complete: 1 hour internet research, 1 hour to brainstorm basic idea, 5 hours to put ideas in rules form.

Summary: Players represent the major European powers in the pre WW1 era.  Players bid to acquire majorities in different types of arms.  Players can form alliances with each other for bonus points and bonus abilities.  Players can also break from alliances at critical points to stab your former allies in the back and then attempt to form new alliances.  Victory points are awarded to players for having majorities of different types of arms, for remaining in alliances on the final turn and there are bonus VPs awarded to players that meet certain objectives.


Espionage (Blue), by Tom McKendree

3-7 Players

Summary, a card game using 1 or 2 standard decks where players compete in espionage and counter-espionage, never certain who they can trust. 


Eye in the Sky (Black) by Carl de Visser

2-4 Players

Early in World War One airplanes were used predominantly for intelligence. In Eye in the Sky the players represent pilots on the same side competing to photograph as much useful information and return it as soon as possible back to HQ.


Trench Warfare (Green) by Alejandro Grilli J.

2 players

An abstract game that simulates the back and forth deadlock of the war of trenches.


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