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Wolf Pack

Page history last edited by jorge@1stplayable.com 12 years, 1 month ago

My name is Jorge Diaz I am a game designer at 1st Playable Productions.


The title of my game is Wolf Pack and it is is a small board game in which 2-4 players take on the roles of Alpha Wolves competing for resources, territory while surviving the challenges of man and the wild.


The goal is to build up your wolf pack(gain members) and survive 2 (game) years in the forest.


The game started as an idea I got from watching nature shows on wolves and their pack behavior. I thought it could stand to be a game where you can choose to be cooperative or competitive (like Diplomacy) with the underlined goal of survival but the aspect of all the while competing to be alpha dogs.


What resulted was rather different, you still compete for resources but the few playtesters I had find more enjoyment of hunting, increasing their pack size than figuring out hierarchies of pack leadership. One thing I like about it is that you can play it very quickly.


Because of work and other time constraints I have not been able to bring this to the level of polish I would have wanted.

The current version has several positive feedback loops that make the gameplay rather one sided for the player with the larger wolf pack.


Currently fighting and eating is all leveraged on who has the biggest pack. Perhaps another element of skill needs to come in play. I will list out some potential changes at the bottom of this post. 


Any how I really appreciate you reading thus far but see if there is a more polished game out there before reviewing mine. Or review mine if you are so inclined I'll appreciate all suggestions.


Here is a document with the rules. Wolf_Pack.doc


You will need a D6 dice other files are included.


Here is a sample game board


And tokens


Notes for Future Polish:

1) Find some elements other than having the larger wolf pack leads to victory or even the playing field for making it so. Random chance bonus or penalty cards come to mind.

2) Try to balance the addition of members. Some Ideas.

  • Summoning lone wolves should be limited to wolves with packs of 3 or less.
  • Pup raising should offer 2-3 pups per season as opposed to 1-4.




Comments (3)

Perdustin said

at 4:20 pm on Sep 4, 2009

Szonja Odrovics said

at 10:32 am on Sep 6, 2009

jorge@1stplayable.com said

at 1:29 pm on Sep 7, 2009

Thank you all for your analysis Szonja and Perdustin. It will definitively help make improvements.

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