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The volcano has erupted and you must escape from the village to the city before the lava covers everything.


Escape from the lava of the volcano and be the first to reach the city.

Number of players:2 +  




six sided dice

lava tokens (x3)



The start point for the players is the village. The lava tokes start point is the volcano’s crater.

Choose a starting player.


Each player rolls the dice and must move that number shown. (as regular) always downwards.

Once a turn is completed and all players have moved their paws, lava tokes are move 3 spaces at a time.

A player who is in the same space as a token of lava or behind it is considered burned and he losses the game. Unless he is in safe point. The black spots



When a player lands in a space with other player, it goes as follows:

The player who reaches moves one space downwards and the player who was in the space moves to the next space upwards that is not occupied by a player. In this way the conflict space remains empty.

If a player that moves down a space after a conflict with a player lans in a space with another player, the conflict process is repeated here too.


Each player can continue to move in descending order by any of the roads.

Lava advances for all roads. 3 spaces always each time.

Note: because split of roads, the lava movements can be tricky. So strict rules for it this time.

15 minutes drawing an designing.

15 mins writing down rules

30 mins tranlating it to english. (sorry for the mess)



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