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Vacation Fever (Level-01)

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 Vacation Fever

A game design for lesson 01.

For 2 to 4 players.


A travelling road guide, and the travelling salesman problem.

Tokens and pieces

  • 4 player tokens
  • 1 board
  • 60 terrain cards
  • 32 special cards
  • 1 die
  • 32 city cards


Players must visit all the 8 cities. The first player to visit them all wins the game.



The 8 cities are located at the pink squares. The other board squares are terrain. Gray squares are ignored. Each one of the blue squares has a terrain card during the game.

Game start

Each player positions its token on one of the 4 outside cities. The terrain cards are shuffled and one terrain card is set, face down, on each blue square. The special cards are shuffled and each player receives one of them.

Players decide who will play first, and play order is clockwise. Each player receives one card representing the city they're on.

Turn execution

The current player throws the die and the result is the movement power of the player for the round. Each city and blue square demands the player to use some movement power in order to exit the square. Gray squares can be freely passed, like they didn't exist. If the player lands on a face down terrain card, it is turned face up. Each terrain card has a number on it that is the movement cost to exit that square. If the player has enough movement power, he can exit the square and his movement power is reduced by the terrain movement cost. The player can repeat this until his movement power is zero. If the player doesn't have enough power to exit a square, then his turn ends and his movement power is set to zero.

At any time during his round, the player can use one of his special cards.


  • When a player enters a city square, if he doesn't have that city card, he gets one of that city's card. And also gets a special card.
  • If a player has all 8 city cards, he is declared the winner.

Terrain cards

  • 30 x New road card: has cost 1.
  • 12 x Old road card: has cost 2.
  • 6 x Mud card: has cost 3.
  • 6 x Traffic Jam: has cost 4.
  • 3 x Police station: roll die again when entering the square. Normally has cost 2.
  • 3 x Easy ride: has cost 0.

Special cards

  • Reckless driving: all terrain costs, except police stations, are reduced by 1. Lasts until the player receives a new city card. Police stations have cost 5 during the effect of this card.
  • Road guide: choose three face down terrain cards. Look at them them put them all back face down, in the same positions they were.
  • Shortcut: instantly go to any city square in the map that you already visited. Movement power is not affected.
  • Flat tire: choose a player. That player loses his next turn.

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