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Up the Ladder

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-2 dimes

-1 quarter

-Small handful of pennies



You're playing a very hungry dude. Someone seems to have left a sandwich at the top of a ladder. Reach the PBJ space before your opponent to win.



The board and starting setup looks something like the above image. It consists a column of spaces split down the middle. Many of the spaces are dotted. You may change the number of spaces and/or number of dots. One player plays the heads-up dime, and the other the tails-up dime.


Who goes first:

Whoever wins a coin flip of the quarter goes first.


On your turn:

Flip the quarter. If it comes up heads, move up 2 squares. If tails, move up 1 square.


"Landing" on a space:

You are considered to have "landed" on a space when your dime has been moved for any reason and has stopped on that space. Perform the oppropriate actions based on that space immediately. This can be on your turn or your opponent's turn.


Landing next to your opponent's space:

If you land next to your opponent, you may flip the quarter. If you win the coin-flip, knock your opponent downwards one space.


Landing on a dotted space:

This is where most of the strategy comes in. If you land on a dotted space you have two choices:

1) Flip a penny and place it that side up on any empty square on the board. (Alternate rule: restrict penny placement to your side of the track)

2) Force a side swap. The left-side player moves over to the square to the right, and the right-side player moves over to the square on the left.


Landing on a penny:

If you land on a heads-up penny, move forward two spaces. If you land on a tails-up penny, move back two spaces. Remove the penny from the board. (Alternate rule: Instead of automatically moving 2 spaces, flip the quarter. Your movement is two spaces on heads, one space on tails)

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