Players: 2 to 4


4 player tokens

1 ANGRY monster token

1 GREEDY monster token

24 treasure cards

12 trap cards

1 big treasure card


The objective is to gather the highest amount of treasure in 20 rounds and exit the dungeon before it collapses.

At the end of 20 rounds if there is any player still inside the dungeon, this player loses the game.

Among the players who escaped the dungeon, the one with more treasures win the game.


The board is composed by NORMAL BLOCKS, TREASURE/TRAP BLOCKS and a BIG TREASURE BLOCK, there is also 4 EXIT


Shuffle the treasure and trap cards facing down and put them on the TREASURE/TRAP BLOCKS.

Put the 2 monsters and the big treasure on the BIG TREASURE BLOCK.

Each player put your PLAYER TOKEN in the block near an EXIT; the player can only start in this block and only 1 player per block.


After each player turn, comes the monsters turns, each turn a player move the monsters following the rules.


Each player roll a D6, who get the highest number start the game.

To move the token, the player rolls 2D6 and chose a direction. The player will move the token on that direction. If there is a bifurcation the player will chose the direction again.

When a player pass thru a TRASURE/TRAP BLOCK that have a card on it, the player may chose to flip that card or not. If it is a treasure card, the payer will take it and continue the move, if it is a trap card, the player will stop moving this turn and will receive a -2 movement penalty next turn. The player will put the trap card back in its place, and may chose to put the card facing up or down.

If a player pass thru a block containing a facing up trap card, that trap activates and the player stop moving this turn and receive a -2 movement penalty next turn.

If a monster passes thru or land in a space occupied by a player that payer loses all his/hers treasures and is placed near an exit (but still in the game)

There are 2 monsters, a GREEDY monster and an ANGRY monster. The GREEDY monster will move towards the player with more treasure, the GREEDY monster movement is 1D6+player treasures (the player that it is following) but only get this bonus for the treasures beyond 2. The ANGRY monster will move towards the nearest player, the ANGRY monster movement is 1D6 and an additional +2 for each player near it (6 blocks or less, in any direction)

If all players have 0 treasures the GREEDY monster does not move. If there is a tie for player with the most treasure the player controlling the GREEDY monster that turn decides who to pursue.

The BIG TREASURE count as 4 treasures and both monsters will allways move towards the player carrying it. <--- this rule is above all others

The player can drop the treasure on the ground before the dice roll, if he does, he can’t pick treasures this turn. The player can also give his/hers treasure card or big treasure card to another player. The player can only drop/give 1 card per turn.

The distance between monsters and players is measured by the shortest path

A player that EXITS the board can’t come back.