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The Great Motorcar Race

Page history last edited by Perdustin 12 years, 11 months ago

I chose to make this game because it seemed to be the most viable concept garnered through the brainstorming process.


Rather than 'roll-and-move', I considered the concept of 'move-and-roll'.  In my mind, the concept works like this:  A player decides how far to move.  Even with minimal movement there is a risk; however, risk increases with distance.  After choosing distance, a die is rolled to see if some calamity occurs.


I then attempted to think of a theme appropriate for this 'push your luck' concept; old-time long-distance car racing came to mind.  This was the extent of my progress at the time of my Level 11 posting.


With a little bit of Internet research, I came across the 1908 New York-to-Paris Race.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1908_New_York_to_Paris_Race)  This was exactly what I had in mind.  This was the game.


The 'move-and-roll' concept changed from players choosing distance to players choosing how much stress to put on their vehicles;  more stress granted the possibility of more speed, but also incurred more risk.


So far, so good.  I also wanted to promote player interaction.  I wanted players to be able to help one another, but I also wanted them to be able to sabotage one another.  I developed a 'karma currency'; players could gain karma by being helpful but committing sabotage would cost karma.  Given the theme, I feel that the term 'sportsmanship' works better than 'karma' but it's the same principle.


Here is the current iteration of the game.  This is as 'final' as it's going to get for the time being.  Since posting my User Interface plan, I have received blindtest feedback.  As a result of said feedback, I have modified the game slightly.  Now, to keep things simple, only one type of die is used in the game.


The Great Motorcar Race (Rules).pdf  (For physical copies of the game, I assembled a little booklet.)


The Great Motorcar Race (Board).pdf  The board can be printed onto two 8.5" x 11" pages.  I used 65 lb. cardstock and applied transparent shelf-liner.


The Great Motorcar Race (Tiles).pdf  I printed this file onto a full-sheet adhesive label and applied the label to 24 pt cardstock.  (The public domain image is a painting of an incident that occurred in the 1908 New York-to-Paris Race.)


For those of you desiring to download and play this game, additional components are required:

-- at least three ten-sided dice

-- a set of seven tokens for each player  (As stated in my UI plan, I used little plastic figurines for the prototype; colored cardboard counters are serviceable)

-- a container from which to draw tokens blindly

-- a trinket to act as a 'Stage Indicator'

-- toy cars ( As a 'gimmick', I include toy cars in the game to add a physical dexterity mechanism.  Players roll toy cars upon the board to determine turn order.  I used 'matchbox' knock-offs for the prototype.  For a suboptimal experience, players could instead roll dice in place of cars to achieve the same result.)

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