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The Graveyard (Tale of Tales)

Page history last edited by josh@thoughtlost.org 13 years, 8 months ago
  • The Graveyard, by Tale of Tales
    • The Graveyard is more art than game.  I would classify it in the interactive experience category rather than as a "game".  As a synopsis, the player controls an old woman walking through a Graveyard.  She cannot move very fast (as she is old) and turning is a problem.  There is very little of the world that you can actually explore which is pronounced by the lack of ability to move quickly.  You must walk to the middle of the graveyard and sit down on the bench.  After some time, a song plays (in hungarian?) about the woman's life (mainly trials/tribulations) showing closeups of the old woman's face which is riddled with age and experience.  When the song is finished you stand up and walk out of the graveyard to end the experience.  I found this game to very interesting.  First off, the aesthetics are wonderfully presented in Grayscale and on the best setting there is this "noisy" feel to the graphics solidifying the idea that you are experiencing a world that has aged.  Controlling the woman is enlightening to say the least.  You become frustrated as she cannot move quickly.  When she doesn't respond immediately to your controls it evokes a small amount of anger.  Once you realize that this is the point and that you are now trapped inside of this old woman within this world, you begin a journey towards empathy.  The empathic response is mitigated by the song about her life and you actually feel for this woman.  This was the first game I've played where I felt an emotion other than excitement.

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