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Take and Run

Page history last edited by Dirk Songuer 12 years, 1 month ago

Players: 2-3

Time to Complete: 15 Mins

Summary: Take the spaces while you run but watch your opponent before you cross the finish line


Table Shot





  • Linear strip of paper, divided into 17 spaces. The first space is marked "Start", the last one "Finish" ("Ziel" in German).
  • All players need some colored Token that represents them and at least 15 Markers in their respective color.
  • One dice with 6 sides


Playing the Game


  • All players start out at the Start field
  • The active player rolls the dice and can move forward or backward the respective amount of fields
  • If he lands on an empty field he can mark it with a marker of his color
  • After a player has moved (and marked his field if he was able to), it's the other players turn
  • Players can not move onto a field that is currently occupied by another player
  • (However they can move onto a field that has another players marker - If you play the "hard mode", ignore this rule)
  • If a player can not move because he is blocked, he has to stay where he is
  • If a player lands exactly on the "Finish" field, the game is finished
  • The player with the most markers on the playing field wins




I wanted something that can change from "get to the finish line quick" to "no, wait, got to get back and make more points" in an instant and I thought about Pok√©mons "Gotta catch 'em all" slogan. It's pretty much luck based but with a dash of strategy in when to move back and when to progress to the finish line.






Just sitting in a Cafe with some friends and playtesting the concept. We all perceived it too much based on luck. What helped was an additional rule marked as "hard mode" above:


  • A player is not able to move on a field with a marker of an opponent
  • A player has to move if he is able to (either forward or backwards)


Comments (2)

Leana Galiel said

at 2:01 pm on Jul 1, 2009

I like the fact that instead of it being the player to reach the finish line first, the win state is based on what happens during the game (not the end). From what I understood, a player can move past the other player, but not on the same space?

Dirk Songuer said

at 3:28 pm on Jul 1, 2009

That's right. Although we are changed the rules regarding movement a bit right now sitting in a cafe and playtesting. Updates see above :)

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