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The Snail Race - Dan1066


The Snail Race is a board game developed for the 15 Minute Board Game Challenge / 1st assignment in lesson one, and is intended for play between two or more people and is certainly in no way polished off.


The Rules:

To Play, you'll need a copy of the game board, a token for each player, and 3 standard 6 sided dice.



Object: To be the first person to get to the center of theshell


To Move: Roll 3 dice and move a number of spaces equal to the highest roll.  If that space is occupied, you must choose the next highest roll.  If that space is occupied, Choose the third roll.  If you are un able to move you loose a turn.


If you roll Tripples, all players shift one seat clockwise and you may move your new peice the number of spaces indicated by the roll.






Comments (4)

jason@greenodesign.com said

at 12:16 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Nice! Your handwritten rules reminded me of a limitation that a friend and I imposed on ourselves with homeplay design. We used sticky notes. When designing a game you could only create rules that would fit on the sticky note (front and back was allowed). This really forced us to be efficient and creative with our games. http://gnomegaming.com/doku.php/free:sticky_note_games

Robert Polzin said

at 12:26 pm on Jun 30, 2009

I must say your handwriting is much nicer than my quickly rushed out chicken scratch :P
It definitely sounds like a fun concept and a cute board but perhaps you could add some tiles that cause random things to happen along the way. Or Various effects across the board depending on if you roll doubles of a set number or triples of a set number.

Michael Thomét said

at 4:52 pm on Jun 30, 2009

That is an impressive handwriting font to have convinced people that it was real handwriting. What's the font called? I like the nature of the tripples roll, possibly changing the game in exciting ways :)

dan1066@netzero.com said

at 8:52 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Yes, the Font is indeed a font... its called Dan's Hand. I have another - Dad's recipe which I seem to bounce between.

I have to say i didn't give much thought into the game, i was just following the feel of the assignment, to go with your first reaction. I think that some possible improvements could come in the form of 'special' tiles - perhaps a 'switch with another player component. We've been playing several 'screw your neighbor' games lately so that's where the triples idea came from. I'm liking the idea also that on your dice roll, you can choose to move your piece forward, or another piece backwards.

Ahh well, we'll save that for the next one.

Thanks all for the thoughts BTW.


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