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1 game board

1 dice (d10)

8 player markers



Based on the trigonometric unit circle, labeled in radians & degrees (0 & 360, 90, 180, 270 only). Players can move along radial lines or between concentric circles. The black

hole is at the center and expands one orbit every other round (depends on playtesting results). A round consists of every player getting a turn. The game ends when all surviving players have either reached

the ship or all players have been overtaken by the black hole.





Players begin on the innermost circle of the board. Players roll a dice (d10) to move their marker. The roll must be a prime number to move anywhere along the same circle.


Jumping to an outer orbit requires the player to use extra fuel, so to minimize consumption there are specific places where jumps can be made. The player must either make

a full 360 trip along the circle, or if the player rolls a number that matches the denominator of the radian they land on (i.e. player rolls a 3 then lands on pi/3 or anything with 3

in the denominator).


Players cannot occupy the same spot, so there is an opportunity to knock the opposing player to another spot. Once it is determined that a player is about to land on the

same spot as another, the approaching player can choose to stop before they reach the player, or attempt to move the player with the force of their momentum.


The decision is made with a dice roll. The player with the higher roll has the higher amount of applied force and will transfer it to the opposing player. The positive difference

between rolls is how far in the other direction the losing player must move.


A tie signifies that both players were not able to overtake one another, and the result is that the approaching player must move back one spot and the other player must move

one spot in the other direction, thus leaving the contested spot empty with both players on either side.


How to Win

Players who reach the ship before the black hole has filled 90% of the board escapes! Coordinates of ship are at (-1,0).



If the black hole reaches the same orbit as a player, they are out of the game.

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jjohnson@game-and-player.com said

at 6:43 pm on Jul 2, 2009

I wanted something to help teach about the unit circle and everyone's favorite part of trig -- radians! XD

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