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For 2-4 people


Requires: Board, small playing pieces (Tic-tacs work well for playing pieces), six sided die


Goal: get to the finish line









Rules for spaces:


White spaces: A player may only move twards the finish line(no backtracking) Players may land on the same spot, and may pass each other freely.


Grey (shortcut) spaces: A player may travel in any direction on shortcut spaces. Players may not land in the same square as other players or pass other players.


The finish line: The player must move onto the finish line by exact count if announcing they are taking the main road. If announcing they are taking a shortcut they finish with extra movement remaining. you can also push your car over the finish line if you are 1 square away.


At the start of each players turn a player must choose to take the main road, the shortcut, or to push the car.


If taking the Main road: The player rolls the die and MUST move the number of spaces rolled on the white squares directly twards the finish line, unless there are not enough spaces left before the finish line, in which case the car may not move.



Player rolls a 6. The player MUST move 6 spaces twards the finish using only white squares.

Player is 4 squares from the finish line. The player rolls a 5. Because there are not enough squares for the player to move the player must stay put.


If announcing they are going to take a shortcut:

on a 4,5 or 6: The payer's car is stuck and may not move this turn. (this happens even if the player is still on the main road)

The player rolls a D6. On a 1,2,or 3: The player may move up to the amount rolled using any colored square OR may press their luck and roll the dice again adding the previous total to the new amount rolled. They may continue rolling as much as they want, but If a 4,5,or 6 is ever rolled, the entire turn is forfit, and the car does not move.


When reaching the finish line on a turn you are taking a shortcut you do not need an exact roll.


Examples: Player rolls a 3, then pressed his luck rolling a 2. he may then move UP TO 5 spaces on any color square.

Player rolls a 2, and does not press his luck. The player may move UP TO 2 spaces on any color square.

Player rolls a 3, the player then presses his luck and rolls a 1. The player presses his luck again and rolls a 4. Because the player rolled a 4 5 or 6, the player may not move at all this turn.


If pushing their car (useful for finishing and moving off a shortcut space onto a road space): The player does not roll the dice and may move 1 space.

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