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Shopping Craze

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you and your buddies are inside a shop during season sales, good deals are spread around but you need to run to get the ones you want, and get to the exit.

This is a game for two players



  • the board: a piece of paper with a gird drawn over it (at least 8 by 8), you may draw it yourself or use a sheet of squared paper.
  • a pencil of a different color + eraser for each player (or a set of small objects / tokens to put on the board)
  • a 6-sided dice






  • each player places things on the board drawing a sign or symbol on some squares or putting something inside it
  • the number of things each player should put on the grid is equal to half the length of the side (i.e. if the grid is 8x8 each player should place 4 things on it)
  • each player starts from an opposite corner of the grid




each player in his turn:

  • chooses a direction where to move (vertically or horizontally)
  • draws the dice 
  • moves in the direction a number of squares equal to the dice
  • if the edge is reached with a draw the player completes the move going backward from the edge for the remaining steps (i.e. if you are 2 squares from the top and draw a 5 you you should move 3 squares from the top on the same column)
  • the game ends when one of the players gets out of the grid from where the opponent has started
  • moving through the grid the player can collect the things the other has placed around (to collect a thing the player erases the grid)




the game is win by the player that has collected the maximum number of things when the game ends




  • playing the game outside drawing the grid on the ground with a chalk, putting stones on squares and using a "morra"-like system instead of a dice: both players throw out a single hand, each showing zero to five fingers, and call out loud their guess at what the sum of all fingers shown will be. If one player guesses the sum, that player can move of the number of squares corresponding to the number of fingers he has shown. Variant: do everything on one leg :)
  • each player should return to his starting point
  • each player leaves behind a trail, that should not be crossed by him or his opponent
  • more than two players (up to 4): each one goes from one corner, and should return to his starting point

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