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Sewer Run

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Sewer Run (game took 12 minutes to make Paper version)

(2-8 players)

You are one of eight highly trained Lab rats that escaped into the sewer when the janitor knocked over your cages. You have not yet had breakfast and you notice that there is a sweet aroma of food drifting through the sewer. Specializing in maze running you know how to navagate the sewers. as you begin your jouney you hear the roars of approaching felines.  Better move quickly to get breakfast or you will be breakfast.


Ojective of game:

To make it to the finish square where the food is while avoiding the cats


Things you will need to play this game(paper version):

1. a pencil or pen


3. Ruler

4. Pair of scissors


Instructions for making pieces:

1.Take the pencial/pen and  Draw 12 one inch square  boxes with a capital R in the center

2. Next Put a capital R in the center of 8 of the boxes, Put a Capital C in three of the boxes and put a capital B in the center of the last box. These are your Game tokens. R stands for Rat(Player Token), C stands for Cat (Non-player Token), and B stands for Bleu: the monster that lives in the sewer 

3. Draw 26 boxes 3x3 inches. see panel diagram for whar they look like.

4. once you are finished drawing all the parts take the scissors and cut out the pieces. arrange teh panel as the diaramge shows

Instructions to play the game:

1.Once  panels are set writer down on a piece of paper three C's and One B in ascending order. roll the dice four times. write down the numbers the are rolled in acending order. These are the numbers the Cats and blue enter play. when they enter play see Part B.


2. Next roll the dice to see who goes first. the one with the highest number goes first.( each person goes in order of number rank.  Cats and Bleu move each turn there amount of spaces when in play. )

3.the person whose turn it is rolls the dice. the number that they get they check on the chart to see what to do.


if you roll a two move two spaces backward from the direction you were just traveling.

if you roll a three switch places with the closest Rat token.

if you roll a four  you get a burst of energy move four spaces

if you roll a five you have fallen asleep stay were you are at until you roll a 8 or 12

if you roll a six send the cat token back to start and taker it's place.

if you roll a seven go back to start

if you roll a eight move one space forward

if you roll a 9 gain invisible from cat for two turns

if you roll a 10 move back 10 spaces

if you roll a 11 switch places with the nearest cat

if you roll a 12 move forward 5 spaces

if you roll a double move that many spaces and disregard what chart says for that even number 

if you land on the same space that another Rat the token you land on the token undernearth can't move until you move.


1.once the cats are in play they moves at a rate of two squares per turn.

they go after the nearest player.

2. if you land in a suare with a cat or a cat land on you you are sent back to start. if a cat lands on B or b lands on Cat token B goes back to start.

3.Once B is in play B moves towards the nearest token at a rate of one square per turn.

4. if you land in a square with B you switch places with the token cloest to the finish.

5. if B lands on a square with a cat the cat gets bumpbed back to start.



(Notes from me. After reading the articale... I decided to make a prototype of the game....I figure what do I have to lose. this is what I came up with. 

The Game Tokens are made from a polymer clay. It took about 15-20 minutes to sculpt(it was hot in the appartment) each pieace and 30 minutes to Bake in the oven at 285 Degrees(man was the appartment really warm for a while. I drew up the board in photoshop.



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