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Run Through The Jungle

Page history last edited by Brendan 11 years, 1 month ago

Run Through the Jungle


Players 2-6



Game Board

6 plastic animals

6 platic stop signs

1 Die



The Board

The board consists of a winding path through jungle scenes (limited at this stage by my poor artistic abilities)

Squares have symbols to indicate further actions for the player to undertake. (symols are used rather than words to make it easier for younger players)

(picture to be added later)


The Pieces

There are 6 different plastic animals

1 Plastic Lions

1 Plastic Tiger

1 Plastic Giraffe

1 Plastic Zebra

1 Plastic Elephant

1 Plastic Monkey


In addition there are 6 plastic stop signs (red octagons), these are used to remind players to miss a turn (as it's easy for younger players to forget)



Each player chooses a piece by some form of mutual agreement (ie kids yell and argue with each other until an adult steps in an makes them take turns)

The piece chosen defines the players role in the game.  The lion & tiger are the "chasers" the other pieces are the "runners"

Each player places their piece on the start square.  The chasers each start with a stop sign.


The Rules

Players take it in turns to roll the dice and move forward the number of spaces indicated.

If the player is in posession of a stop sign, they do not roll the dice or move this turn, instead they return the stop sign to the box

If the square the player lands on has further actions for that player, they must do as indicated.

If a chaser would move past a runner, they stop on the same square as the first runner they would pass.

When a chaser is on the same square as a runner that runner is now out of the game, the chaser gets a miss a turn token.

If a player lands on a square already occupied by another player of the same type (runner or chaser) they may give that player a miss a turn token (trip them up or otherwise hinder them).

If there are two runners on the same square as the chaser, then the runners each roll a dice, the one who rolls the lowest is out of the game, the other can continue playing.



Further actions are indicated buy a set of symbols, symbols work as follows:


who the action applies to:

Running man (think like a walk sign at traffic lights or such) - indicates this action applies to the runners only

A lion's head - indicates this action applies to the chasers only


what the action is:

A dice: roll the dice again and move

a stop sign:  miss a turn (take a stop sign from the box)

an arrow followed by a number:  move forwards or backwards (in the direction indicated by the arrow) the number of spaces indicated



Any chaser who catches a runner has won.

Any runner who makes it to the end has won.

Note it is possible for multiple players to win.




I made this game with my 4yo son in mind.  He has a love of animals, and the idea of being chased by a lion is fairly simple, but knowing him, I knew he'd want to play the lion.

Still need to work on the positioning of of the further actions on the board to balance between chasers & runners.  But generally the early board gives the advantage to the runners, with the later board favouring the chasers.

Advanced game could include different actions for each of the different pieces, perhaps giving each a unique feel, and abilities.  Perhaps add cards or similar so runners could hinder each other further with special abilites making the game more difficult. eg an elephant could knock a tree over....slowing all those behind it....the monkey might be able to throw things at another creature withing say 2 spaces of it  making it miss a turn.


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