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Page history last edited by Vladimir Agafonov 11 years, 11 months ago


Hundreds of years passed after the last human fled away from Earth to colonize new planets. A lot of robots was left on the abandoned planet. It was so boring  for them to live a life with no goal or master to serve so they decided to open a tactical tournament for robots, with a greatest prize every robot can imagine -  "Robotron crown" made of x86 microchips.


Every year, best robo-tactics of Earth take a part in this tournament to find out who is the smartest and luckiest one.



Field: 14x14 cells

Players HQ: 2-4

Small chips of each player's color: ~30

Large chips of each player's color: ~10



  • Every turn, player can create a new robot on the field (launch it from the HQ) by rolling a dice and selecting the direction of launch. For example, if green player rolled 3, and decided to launch robot at the south direction, new robot will appear at the [1,4] coordinates.
  • There are two types of robots - the small one (small chip) and the big one (big chip). To launch a big robot, player should skip 3 turns, and on the 4th turn they can launch a big robot.
  • Every turn player can move the robots on the field in 4 directions. Small robots can move at one cell per turn, big robots can move at 3 cells.
  • If player moves his robot into enemy's one, they have to fight - both players should roll the dice until one of them wins, and the other removes his robot from the field. Roll results for the big robot should be doubled.
  • Two small robots can merge into a big one, this action would freeze both of them for the next round, and in case of attack the player can't roll the dice so they can die, and transformation will not be finished.
  • Player can attack other player's HQ with his robot the same way as it works with robots. In case of victory, the player will capture this new HQ and can launch two new robots each turn. In case of defeat; the player should remove the robot from the field.
  • If there are less than 4 players, colored HQ's can be replaced with white ones. White HQ can be captured with no dice roll.
  • If the player loses his only HQ, he loses.
  • If only one player left, he wins.


Game can become more complex and deeper, if we add a special upgrade bonuses on the field, like +1 to roll/move. Also, the more realistic landscape can be added to the game field like non-passable rivers/mountains.

Comments (2)

Robert Polzin said

at 8:07 pm on Jun 30, 2009

It would be interesting if you could combine robots to make them stronger. Otherwise it seems slightly less to your advantage to wait 3 turns to build a big robot if it isn't better at fighting. Granted the movement is nice but you'll probably make up the ground with small ones anyways.

Using a grid is an interesting concept though and this definitely seems like an interesting concept. If you could expand it a bit more and add some customization with a variety of robots I think that would help it a lot.

Vladimir Agafonov said

at 12:52 am on Jul 1, 2009

Thanks Robert, I'll add some changes.

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