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roads and bridges - erw

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In this game 2-4 players build competing highways to reach a (non) magical destination 



  • A flat surface at least 36" x 20"
  • A set of roads and bridges cards (52: 18 road cards; 10 right turn cards; 10 left turn cards; 8 bridge cards; 6 skip cards
  • a die or coin to decide who goes first
  • Basic shapes for start/end and cards are at: Roads&Bridges.pdf





  • A set of start and destination points (players +2) is designated; destination is 10 cards distant from start
  • Each play is dealt 8 cards to get things going
  • Players choose their starting points as they make their first move
  • On each turn the player may decide to play a road & bridge card or pull from the deck (either would count as a turn)
  • A player may not cross another's road unless the player has a bridge card
  • When playing a skip card, the player effectively has two turns in a row; after the skip card is played, the player can place two road & bridge cards, draw two cards or any combination of the two
  • Play ends when one participant reaches the destination 
When first thinking about the game, I'd hoped I wouldn't need a board. It doesn't quite, but it's helpful to have a set shoe or something for the starting point and destination -- and to measure the distance between them as ten card lengths.

With four players, the deck isn't sufficient for playing the game, so changed the distance to 8 card lengths; additionally, we need 2x the number of players for start and end points. 

The bridges... look wonky using regular playing card shapes... oh well.

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