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Race for Plunder - 15 minute challenge

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The players represent 'heroes' who have broken into the fabulous city of Goblinopolis. Now they are in a race against each other and feeble, ineffectual goblins to amass the most treasure and steal the goblin hoard from the treasury.


Written for 3-4 players. Time taken: about 5 minutes with pencil and paper, another 10 minutes while jogging, another 20 minutes to illustrate and write-up.


Playing equipment

1. 'Heroes', one for each player.

2. Hoard token, worth 5.

3. Plunder tokens to be kept in a bag. 50 tokens worth 1, 40 tokens worth 0, 10 tokens worth 2.

4. Plunder token bag.

5. 20 goblin tokens.



Game setup:

1. 3 goblin tokens are placed on the treasury. Each player places two goblin tokens together, in a stack, wherever he likes.

2. the hoard token is put on the treasury.

3. players argue who gets to start, they can roll dice if they like.


Game play:

On their turn players can do one of four things:

1. move - the player moves from one city quarter (the circle) to another. Normally, the player must progress along the blue lines only. A player can move his hero token forwards or backwards. However, once a city quarter is razed (has a 0 plunder token on it), a hero may move to that city quarter along any whitish-yellow line. He can only leave along a blue line, unless entering another razed circle. This way a player who is behind can jump ahead.

2. plunder - the player takes a plunder token from the plunder bag. A player can keep plundering in a given city quarter (circle) until a 0 plunder token is drawn. That city quarter is then razed and the 0 plunder token placed on it.

3. fight - if there is a goblin in the same circle as the player's hero, the hero defeats the goblin. One goblin from the stack is moved to the graveyard, and the remainder of the stack moves one space, either along the blue or the whitish-yellow lines.

4. bribe - pay 1 plunder token to move a goblin stack or 2 plunder tokens to bring 2 new goblin tokens (a stack) into play together. Goblins can move one space, either along the blue lines or the whitish-yellow lines. A new goblin stack may be placed anywhere, including on an existing stack. An exception is the stack in the treasury, which may not be moved.


Players can be in the same quarter together and plunder it together, however, whenever a 0 plunder token is drawn, that quarter is razed.


Game end:

The game ends when a player takes the hoard by using a plunder action on the treasury. The game also ends if the players have plundered all the plunder tokens out of the bag. The winner is the player with the most plunder tokens at the end of the game.


Option: killed goblins could also count for separate points, say for second place or something.

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