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Pyramid! Dammit!

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Pyramid! Dammit! is my homework for the 15 minute Board Game Challenge. I have taken about 20 minutes in thinking the rules and a little more in painting the board. This is a game for 2+ players.



paper for the board

2+ tokens

1D6 dice


The four Steps

  1. Draw a Path

    The path is the way to get to the top of the pyramid.



    Pyramid! Dammit! board

  2. Come up with a theme or objective

    The goal is to climb the pyramid

  3. Create a set of rules to let the player move from place to place

    • You must throw away the dice every each turn and move the token that amount of squares.
    • If you fall into a square with a circle of color (R=Red,G=Green,B=Blue) you MUST teleport to ANYONE of the following circles of color.
  4. Create conflict

    • If you pass by a square in which there is another player when you are moving your token, or your movement ends up in the other player's square, he will fall down to the square at the below level. Example:


      Movement example


    • If the player is in a corner, he will be able to decide the square he wants to go. Example:


      Corner movement example


    • If the player goes to a square with a color circle at the level below, he MUST teleport to ANY of the following circles of color. If the player teleports himself to a square in which there is another player, this player will fall dawn too (possible infinite loop).
    • If the player is at the lowest level when he falls down, he has to start again.
    • In order to win, a player has to fall down at the goal square with just one throw and without going too far.Besides, he has to pass through someone else during his movement.
    • Besides, he has to pass by another player's square during his movement to displace him to the lowest level.


Alternative board

Fix the infinite loop bug


Alternative board

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