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Page history last edited by vajmichael@... 14 years, 3 months ago

I was working with InDesign, trying to figure out how it worked, and I decided to put the Game Design Concepts course (or Level 1, at least) into PDF format. This is literally my first project with InDesign, so it may not be great, and also it's a little bland (I'm planning on fixing that later), but I thought I might go ahead and put it up.


Tiny modifications have been made to the text to make it suit a "book" format better. Also, unfortunately, I could not get the Three to Fifteen chart to show up properly in InDesign. Also, if I am asked to stop doing this and take it down, I will do so immediately.


Every level will be in "Beta" until I've finished the next level, at which point it will be moved to version 1.0, and the newer level will be in Beta. This is mainly just to make me feel like I'm making progress with each one.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Okay, I skipped over the level 4 and 5 releases so I could do this: the compiled release of Levels 0 (my own little mix of the first two introduction posts) through 5!


Just discovered the Level 5 file that had been uploaded was... not Level 5, per se. To be precise, it was Level 4. Don't know how I lost the data, but I got rid of the link until I've recreated it. 


And we're back! Levels 0 - 5 are ready to go.


Game Design Concepts Part 1


Level 13 was deliciously short, so I went ahead and made the PDF of that chapter. It also gave me a new idea for how to set deadlines for Homeplays, so at some point I will hopefully go back and make the same changes to previous chapters.


Level 13


Obviously, since "Game Design Concepts" is not actually my own creation, I can't copyright this PDF or anything, but I would greatly appreciate it if, if you distribute it, you gave credit to Aaron Broder. Also, all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


From Michael Vang:

I thought that I could get the entire Game Design Concepts in just one PDF so I came here. Since the entire course was divided into multiple parts, I went and copied each entry into a single Pages document and exported it out into a PDF file. The link is provided below. It contains all the lessons in addition to the original schedule and syllabus. This is a raw PDF version of the entire course so please excuse the unpolish look. Feel free to distribute this.


Game Design Concepts - An experiment in game design and teaching

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