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Obstacle Course

Page history last edited by Crofter 12 years ago

Materials: Two dice (d6,) a single lane course, 2 to 4 pawns of different colors, a marker for each pawn. (See: obstacle_course.pdf )


Throw 2 d6, pick one.


Move that EXACT number of spaces, forward or back, to an EMPTY space. If you can't, you don't move at all.

You may pass but not land on a space which is occupied BUT spaces with an opponent's obstacle count as 3, hence require at least a roll of 4 to pass; more if you are a few spaces behind the obstacle.


After each round the player in last place gets to move one obstacle of any color to any unoccupied spot, on or off the board.


Race to the end.


Comments (1)

tripclaw said

at 2:29 pm on Jul 5, 2009

Nice work! That does sound like fun being able to block other players, and playing on a board where obstacles are dynamically changing based on players decisions.

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