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Mouse Labyrinth

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The board can be reached here


In this game mice race for a piece of cheese in a labyrinth created for laboratory experiments.

2-4 players



  • 1 Mouse Labyrinth board
  • 1 six sided die
  • 2 to 4 unique tokens (one per player)




·         Roll a 6 sided die to move

·         Signs:


               Puzzle: A moment of clear vision: You smell the cheese and memories flush you. You can speed yourself up by rolling your die once ore in this               turn.


              Flower: It is spring: You are falling in love with one of your enemies. Unfortunately you cannot think of anything else but that beautiful white fur               and you miss the direction. If there are two dead ends, roll the dice again. If it is 1-3, turn right when it is your turn again. If it is 4-6, turn left.


               A cloud of strange scent: When you are the first to arrive here you feel that something strange happens to your stomach… When somebody is         quicker than you, you smell something so disgusting that you cannot concentrate on your memories and find the right way. If there are two dead ends, ask that first player to roll the dice again. If it is 1-3, turn right when it is your turn again. If it is 4-6, turn left. Fortunately, the smell disappears quickly so that it affects only one player. When a 3rd player steps into the space something strange will happen to her stomach again...





  •  The first player to reach the cheese, so to cross the finish line wins.


SecSecond version 



Bee Before testing the game, I thought that the path is too short and the game will be boring. With that second part, I was right, but for another reason: the biggest problem was the lack of events and obstacles, that’s why I decided to implement new types of tiles:


     Moon: Moonwalk. You have a strange feeling, you start to pick yourself. Divide your next roll by 2. In case of an odd number, round the result up.


                 Crossed circle: You need to think. Stop out for one turn.


                 Thunderbolt: You are scared by a strange flash of light. Run back to the nearest sign of the same kind.


                 Love: Your love is fulfilled. Warp the nearest enemy to yourself.


     Sun: The sun is shining, one small piece of cheese is not enough to keep you focused. In your next turn, roll the die, but go backward this time.





  •  Other players actions that effect our position overwrite our tasks. E.g. if a player stood on a sun icon and another player warped her, she can go forward in her next turn.

The new board can be reached here 










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