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Moon Race

Page history last edited by Sam Roden 11 years, 11 months ago

A game for 4 players.

3 players are space astronauts, one is the fearsome, toothsome, giant moon robot.





Escape from the enraged moon robot by running all of the way around the moon to your rocket ship! OR eat the tiny astronauts for encroaching on your moon-turf!




-Game board

-Game Pieces

-1 die




-The youngest player starts as the moon robot. All other players must choose their preferred color of space astronaut.

-Astronauts begin at point A. The robot starts at the red striped space.

-Space astronauts roll to determine their order.


Astronaut Turn

-Space astronauts roll in order and move the given number of spaces clockwise.

-It is very slippery on the moon, so to move past another player, you must succesfully navigate past him/her by beating him/her in rock/paper/scissors. If you lose, you remain on the same space as the other player. If there two people on the space you are trying to move past, you must beat them both individ.


Robot Turn

-Robot rolls and moves the given number of spaces clockwise.

-If the robot encounters an astronaut it stops on that space.

-If the robot beats the space astrounaut in rock/paper/scissors, the astronaut is eaten!

-If there is more than one astronaut on a space, the robot must beat them each individually. If the robot loses once, no astronauts are eaten.


End Game

-If all astronauts are eaten, the robot wins!

-Astronauts may escape the planet by arriving at their rocket ship, point B.

-If all astronauts escape, they win!

-If only some astronauts escape, it's a tragedy.


Play Again?

-First astronaut to escape the last game is the new robot.

-If all astronauts are eaten, then I guess you will just have to try again!





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