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A game for 2 players that lasts 10-15 minutes.


As a wildebeast on the savannah your objective is to complete your migration accross Africa as fast as possible, grazing as much as you can to keep your energy up.



Game board (as pictured below); two sets of six playing cards (Ace, two, three, four, five, six); paper and pen or pencil; two items representing each wildebeast/player (can be any item small enough for both to fit on the same space)





  • Both players put their peices in the far left square and each has one set of cards (Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six)
  • Both players draw a card from their deck, the player who draws the high card goes first



  • Each card drawn is worth a number of spaces on the board
    • Ace and Four = 1 space
    • Two and Five = 2 spaces
    • Three and Six = 3 spaces
    • Players must move the exact number of spaces a card is worth
    • Players can move either forward or backward on their turn
    • Instead of moving themselves, a player can tell the other player to move either forward or backward the number of spaces the card is worth (the player who draws the card can specify in which direction the other player moves)
    • Each players deck is always face down and they can not see the cards before they draw one
    • Every time a card is drawn it is put back into players deck and the deck is reshuffled
  • The yellow spaces are empty
    • Nothing changes if you land on them
  • The green spaces are grass and landing on one gives the player 1 "grazing point"
    • Players must land on BOTH green spaces ("graze" twice) before attempting to cross the blue spaces
    • If you land on the same green space twice, you only get credit for the first time
  • The blue spaces are rivers
    • If you land in a river you lose a turn
    • you can only cross a river if you have 2 grazing points
    • You can not go backwards over a river. Likwise your oponnent cannot force you to go backwards over one on their turn either.
  • The red/star spaces are "wild"
    • If you land on a "wild" space you draw a card and for this situation the card values are as follows
      • Ace and Four = receive 1 grazing point
      • Two and Five = nothing happens
      • Three and Six = lose 1 grazing point
    • Wild spaces function like the green spaces: You can land on them as often as you like but will only recieve their effects the first time
  • The dark green space at the end is the final square
    • Two grazing points are needed to land on that square
    • A player must land on that square to win (if you are one square away, and draw a Two, you can not go forward. You must either go backwards or move the other player)


Sample Turn:

Bob vs Jane

Bob drew the high card, so he goes first

Bob shuffles his deck and draws a 2. He receives one grazing point for landing on the green tile.

Bob's turn is finished and Jane's begins

Jane shuffles her deck and draws a two.

Jane moves Bob's wildebeast forward 2 spaces, into the river.

Now Bob  loses a turn and Jane will go two more times in a row.



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