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Man on Wire

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Man on Wire (inspired by a documentary of the same name): by dave epstein


Story: Each player represents an aspiring high wire artist seeking fame and fortune by traversing a series of high wire lines strung between the largest buildings in New York City.  


Object: To reach the top of last building on the board and the largest in New York (the future Freedom Tower) before anyone else does.


Players: 3-7



-(3) 6-sided dice

-(3-7) player pieces

-A collection of short string segments (representing high wire lines)

-2D game board (representing real New York buildings)



-Each player may move either forward or backwards along the game path according to the roll on one 6-sided dice.


-Players have the option of attempting to take short cuts across high wire lines running between ‘buildings’. Success of a crossing is determined by the crossing player’s roll of the 6D dice vs the roll of the last place player (tie is a successful crossing).


-A player may cut any wire bridge (removing the string short cut) between buildings as they pass the far side of the wire.


-A player may build a wire bridge between any other player on an adjacent building if they are at a parallel height. (Adding a string short cut).


-If a player fails a crossing they must move their piece back to the end of the last wire bridge they built (or if none then the beginning of the board).


Optional rule: On the final wire crossing to the top of the Freedom Tower a player must roll higher then the last place player and the second place player on a 6-sided dice. (NB: The optional rule came during the write up).   


Board image scanned ...

man on wire.pdf


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