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Level 18: The Final Iteration

Page history last edited by Eve Woodman 14 years, 9 months ago

Here are some of the completed designs for the Game Design Concepts Course


Ninja Versus Pirate (by Andy Van Zandt) : an asymmetrical cards-as-board game for two players.


Organica (by Fabrizio Marcotulli) : and abstract strategy game


Far and Away (Túl az Óperencián) (by Szonja Odrovics): a family game (8+) about the mithology of Hungarian Fairly tales


Drown, Captain Crackers! (by Crofter): a strategy game of madness and intrigue in an underwater research facility. 


Gods of Olympus (by John Kirk): A game where players portray Greek Gods who manipulate petty mortals and backstab one another for prestige.


Balancing Act: Student Life (by Eve Woodman): This game looks at being a student and keeping a balance between Studying and socialising, while trying not to fall into debt.


Clockwerks (by David Spieth): "Move your mice along the hands of several moving clocks, collecting objects."


Send in the clowns! (by mr.cruet): "It's clown time at the circus– lead your troupe of clowns into the ring and wow the crowd..."


Wolf Pack (by Jorge Diaz): 2-4 Players compete increase the size of their wolf pack, compete for food and fight each other.


The Great Motorcar Race (by Perdustin):  Each player controls an automobile in a race from New York to Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century.


Paradise (by Noah) : A "roll-and-move" game for two players.


The War of the Wizards: Duel of elements (by Adolfo R.): A 2 players magic card game, where Powerful Wizards duel using the elements of nature and the power of light and darkness. (now in English!)

Comments (1)

Eve Woodman said

at 7:36 pm on Sep 5, 2009

Not sure how my game got here (Balancing Act: Student Life), but it is now at it's final iteration - it would be great if whoever created this paged asked the designers if they could put their games here first as I wasn't going to put mine up here until it was complete. As I hadn't looked here till now, and was a bit suprised to find my game already listed.


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