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The board consists of squares numbered 1 to 99.  Every 7th square on the board is a hyperspace square (1, 8, 15, 22 ... 92, 99).  Players start on the first square, which is a hyperspace square.  At the start of a turn, whenever a player is on a hyperspace square, he or she may choose to either advance to the next hyperspace square or to leave hyperspace.  If the player is on a normal square or is leaving hyperspace, he or she rolls a 6-sided dice.  On a roll of 2 - 6, he or she advances that many squares forward, possibly landing on a hyperspace square.  If he or she rolls a 1, he or she immediately moves to the next hyperspace square (which may be one or more squares away).  If, at the end of a round, more than one player is on a hyperspace square, a hyperspace battle ensues.  Every player on a hyperspace square must roll a 6-sided dice.  On all hyperspace squares except for the final one, any player who rolls a 1 escapes from the battle and automatically advances to the next hyperspace square and rolls again.  Once all players have rolled a number other than 1, the player who rolled the highest number remains on his or her present hyperspace square and all other players move back seven squares to the previous hyperspace square.  If more than one player is tied for the highest roll, then all players must move back seven spaces to the previous hyperspace square.  If at the end of the hyperspace battle phase, a single player is left on the final square (#99), he or she wins the game.  If the game is not over, a new turn begins.

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