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Get It Together

Page history last edited by Steven Egan 12 years ago

NOTE: Better description and details might come later.


Name: Get It Together

Players: 2+

Designer: Steven Egan


Path: Trquetra with Circle

Theme: Art, Life and Interaction

Goal: Move over every section of the Triquetra and the Circle.

Move Self: Roll a 6-sided dice and move your piece that many places.

Move Others: On landing on or passing certain points on the board for the first time you roll a 6-sided dice and can move one other player that many places.

Time to Complete: 7 - 10 min


It's key to note that the rules say that you can move other player pieces in any direction, so it is possible to make and break alliences. This mechanic is the core of the game dynamic, which goes beyond just a boardgame to incorperate the art, life and interaction. One person might even offer to buy another player icecream if they will help in achieving victory. It's not limited to the board or it's rules.


I suspect this would be better as group game.

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