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Generic Race Game

Page history last edited by russ nordman 12 years ago

Generic Race Game


A two player or more game where you race accross courses of your making using the provided space markers. 


Instructions:  Cut out the game pieces.  For playing purposes I recommend gluing the cars to bottle caps of you favorite soft drink. 

                    Select a play surface to lay the markers out on, for example a table top or floor.  These are the spaces the cars will be moving to.

                    Tables covered with books, papers or dinner plates makes for an excellent 3d modeled race environment.


Game Play:    Find any way to select who goes first. 

                    Game movment is based on Rock, Paper, Scissors.  The winner of each round moves their car one step ahead.  Cars may occupy the same space.

                    Half circles means that only one car can occupy the space.


Winning the Game:  First one to the end wins.


Modifications:  Use as many dots as you want.  Perhaps add some kind of post-apocalypse shoot at your neighbor thingy.


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