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Game prototypes from levels 11-onwards

Page history last edited by Dan Roth 14 years, 10 months ago

This space was created so students would't have to trace prototypes aimlessly. So post a link to your prototype's page just like you (hopefully) did for the 15 minute challenge. Maybe at some point this page could branch out to show the evolution over time of the uploaded prototypes.


Remember to give enough information so that people can look you up


  • The Gods of Olympus (by John Kirk): A board game set in ancient Greece where the players portray Greek gods, build civilizations, go to war, negotiate for advantage, and backstab one another. 
  • Leximancer (By Quincy Bowers): it's a card driven battle between wizards. use your cards to make element powered words and defeat your opponent.
  • Organica (By Fabrizio Marcotulli): an abstract game where players try to capture each other´s pieces to win the game. It currently supports 2 players.
  • Snipers and Assassins (by René and Thad Martin) A diceless board game of moves and strategy where you maneuver your Sniper and your Assassin to take out the opponent's Leader, while your opponent does the same.  2 or more players, board, cards, and rules all in downloadable pdf form.  Other materials needed: a few markers.  Playable in 10 - 15 minutes.  Would like suggestions on a better name for this game!
  • The War of the Wizard: Elemental Duel. (by Adolfo Restrepo): Prototype of a 2 players magical card game. All cards and SPANISH rules
  • Test of Time (by Tyler Sandersfeld): Have your followers create Testaments to you and preserve them for future generations. And if you can't, just go back in time and rectify it!
  • Life of a Student (By Eve Woodman): This is a Board Game, following how student's live, or well choose to live. The ame focus's on Money, and debt that Students can get into. Elements to print off and playtest it will be up very soon. Also wouldn't mind suggestions for a good catchy name for this game. Oh and it's for 2-6 Players.
  • Grammar game (by Alejandro Grilli J./agj): Teaches some basics of the syntax of the Spanish language.
  • Send in the clowns! By mr.cruet: Lead your troupe of clowns to gain the most applause - balancing risk vs reward. A game intended for kids aged 8 or up but still interesting for there family.  Playable for 2 to 6 players.
  • Clockwerks (by David Spieth):  This is a boardgame for 2-4 players where you move your set of mice across the faces of giant clocks to collect cheese.  Would like blindtester aid for this game to evaluate clarity of rules and fun factor.
  • Zombie Stomp! (by Dan Roth) Playable by 2-4 players. this boardgame has unarmed human survivors in a zombie apocalypse, as they try to escape without being eaten and turned themselves.. Could still use some blintesting if anyones interested!

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