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Elephant Walk

Page history last edited by majororacle@gmail.com 12 years, 1 month ago

15 Minute Game Challenge


In this game, you are a trader in India, seeking to deliver your goods to market first.  First player to land on the end space exactly wins.


2 Players


Tiles are shuffled face down (there are 12 tiles).


Each player places their token on the begin space.


Each player draws 2 tiles into their hand and they may look at their hand of tiles.


Each player must play 1 tile on their turn, then draw their hand back up to 2 tiles.  If you are unable to play a tile, you may discard a tile and replace it from the draw pool as your turn.


When you play a tile, if it has a 1, 2 or 3 on it, move your token exactly that number of spaces forward on the board.  If you play a tile with "Obst" on it, this is  an obstacle tile, which you place on the space directly in front of your opponent's token on the track.

To overcome the obstacle, your opponent must play a 2 or greater tile to move one space forward.  If your opponent cannot play a tile of 2 or more, then he must discard one of his tiles and replace it from the face down tile pool.


If you run out of tiles, take all the discarded tiles, place them face down and reshuffle them to create a new draw pool. 


First player to land on the end space exactly wins.


Here is the game board:

Comments (2)

mike.reddy@... said

at 1:21 am on Jul 2, 2009

Really simple with strategy element. Why only two cards in hand? Why so few obstacles? Could you have harder an easier ones to add variety: miss turn, 3 needed to pass, bad one that needs specific response, like an obstacle that requires sacrifice of an obstacle card to remove.

majororacle@gmail.com said

at 4:46 am on Jul 3, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions Mike!

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