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Drag Race

Page history last edited by ishalev@gmail.com 11 years, 11 months ago


Drag Rage



A two-player gambling game. Play time is aobut 10 minutes.


Components and Setup

  • Two parallel tracks, divided into 26 spaces each. A finish line is drawn after the 22nd space.
  • Two tokens, representing drag-race cars
  • Four six-sided dice
  • Eleven counters, numbered 2-12
  • Set up by placing the two car tokens on the first space, labeled 'Start'. Give each player one  die, representing the nitro boost, and place the other two dice aside. These dice are free to both players. Flip a coin, or play rock-paper-scissors, or any other such game, to determine which driver has the best reaction time and gets to go first.



To win a best-of-three heats by crossing the finish line in fewer turns then your opponent.



  1. On your turn, you may either challenge your opponent's move, or advance your own car.
  2. To advance your car, select an unused counter, place it on the space your car currently occupies, and move your car forward the number of spaces shown on the counter (e.g. if you select the counter with the number '3' on it, move your car forward 3 spaces.
  3. Instead of moving your car, you may challenge your opponent's previous move by telling him Let's Roll. When you call Let's Roll your opponent rolls dice, trying to roll a total equal to or greater than the number of spaces he moved his car the previous turn. Your opponent rolls the two free dice, and may choose to add his nitro die, for a total of three dice. The nitro die can only be used once per heat! A player must choose how many dice he will roll and then roll them.
  4. If your challenge was succesful, the opponent has 'spun out', and must move his car back to where it had been on the previous turn. You may then advance your own car.
  5. If your challenge failed, you may turn in your nitro die and advance your car, or you may pass to your opponent. If you pass, your opponent must advance his own car, and may not challenge your previous move. (For example: You select the '8' counter and move your car 8 spaces. Your opponent selects the '12' counter and moves his car 12 spaces. You say Let's Roll. Your opponent decides to use his nitro die, and rolls a total of 14 on three dice. Your challenge has failed. You decide to pass, rather than giving up your nitro die to advance your car. Your opponent must now advance his car again, and may not challenge your last move of 8 spaces.
  6. Winning a heat: The player who crosses the finish line using the fewest number of counters wins. If both players cross the finish line with the same number of counters, the winner is the player who lands on or closest to the 23rd space. If both players land on same space with the same number of counters, the heat is declared a 'dead heat' and needs to be re-run.
  7. No player may select a counter that will move his car beyond the 26th space if any other legal move exists. If the only counters left will move a player's car beyond the finish line, the player has a 'broken 'chute'. A player can only win the race with a broken 'chute if the other player fails to make it across the finish line. If both players break their chutes, the race is declared a 'dead heat' and needs to be re-run.
  8. If at any time, not enough counters remain to get a player across the finish line, that player has a 'blown engine' and cannot win the heat. If the other player also suffers a dead engine, the heat is declare a 'dead heat' and needs to be re-run.
  9. Once a player crosses the finish line, the heat is over unless the other player has played fewer counters. The race goes on, with only the player still racing for the finish line playing counters until he has used as many counters as the other player. The winner of the heat is then determined based on the rules above.
  10. After each heat is conlcuded, set up the board again just like the beginning of the game. The first player to win two heats wins the race!

Comments (3)

Leana Galiel said

at 12:22 pm on Jul 1, 2009

I am a bit confused on how the counters work. Do both players have a set of 11 counters, or is there one set and the players share? And also, do the players pick the counter number they want? or do they pick a counter at random?

mike.reddy@... said

at 1:14 am on Jul 2, 2009

In rule 7 it says you can win if the other driver cannot finish. Not sure how this condition is determined. Has challenge bit been playtested as rolling higher than token value with only D6 seems really hard when nitro dice only one off. Can I use one nitro die and save the other? If I fail and move back, is another counter chosen for my next turn and placed on top of -i.e. Both counted on my talley at the end, or do I use same move token again? Latter might be problematic as a high value could mean my opponent constantly challenging, knowing I can't win the roll as my nitro dice used

ishalev@gmail.com said

at 1:11 pm on Jul 5, 2009

@Leana - There's only set of counters, and players select the counter they want. Choosing a counter is the basic difficult decision that the game is built on.

@mike - The only way that a driver can't finish is if he has more spaces to cover on his track than there are counters remaining. If he's 12 spaces away, but only the 7 and 4 are left, that driver can't finish. This happens when players do a lot of challenging, and a lot of spinning out.

I'm not sure I have the math exactly right with the challenges, but the penalty for challenging all the time is pretty high. I may shorted the track a bit if this is a problem.

In terms of dice, you get 2 all the time, and you only have one nitro die per player. As to counters, yes, all played counters, including the ones you spin out on, are counted against you, and cannot be re-used.

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