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Race for the perfectly cooked mashmallow without getting burned.


2 players


Game Board:


A winding path consisting of 26 squares including the start and finish positions. The start and finish positions as well as the first 5 squares are shaded. The unshaded squares represent being "in the fire".


Game Pieces:


Each player will have a marshmallow token and a fire token


Set Up:


Each player will begin with their marshmallow token at the starting position. Players also have the option of placing thier fire token on any square in the fire (unshaded squares).


The Game:


  • Players take turns rolling a dice and moving thier marshmallow forward.
  • A player can not move past either of the fire tokens.
  • At the end of thier turn a player can either move their fire token anywhere within the fire (except to a square containing a mashmallow) or remove it from the board.
  • The first mashmallow to reach the finish square comes out perfectly cooked and wins the game
  • If a mashmallow is in the fire for more than 12 turns they are burned and automatically lose the game.

Comments (3)

Dan Kelly said

at 8:08 pm on Jul 1, 2009

Shame there is no board to help visualize your game. I'm a little unclear on the objective... if it's roasting a marshmallow, can't you do that in the first 5 squares where the fire is?

mike.reddy@... said

at 12:38 am on Jul 2, 2009

Might be difficult to track in the fire 12 times. A simpler mechanic might be if you land on a fire tile start again.

pakori said

at 2:11 am on Jul 2, 2009

I've got the board drawn on a piece of paper, I just haven't gotten the chance to draw it up on the computer yet. The first 5 squares are just a way to let the players out of the gate rather than someone putting the fire token right outside the start and not letting either player move (since neither player can pass a fire token). The 12 turns was just a random number i selected (could use some play testing) to stop a potential stalemate, but could also be a tactical advantage if one player has not been in the fire as long the other has.

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