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Page history last edited by Daniel García 12 years, 1 month ago


Players: 2+

Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Summary: Each player try to be the one with more treasures and exit the cave meanwhile they  are followed by a Giant Boulder!.

Set up: Put the players tokens and the Giant Boulder token in the first space, then choose the order of the player with a die.

Each player receives 4 life counters.


Then each player chooses 5 items in any combination from the next item list.


[Bomb]: It’s left in a space.

-Giant Boulder:When the boulder pass by  a space with a bomb in it, it stops moving,when the Giant Boulder lands in a space with a bomb in it,the next turn subtract by  1 the  Giant Boulder movement.

-Player: When a player pass by a space with a bomb he/she loses 1 life counter. When a player lands in a space with a bomb he/she loses 2 life counters.

The bomb is removed from the space when a player or the Giant Boulder pass by it or lands in it.

[Rope]:It’s left in a space.

The rope stays in that space and can be used by other players.

 When a player pass through a space with a bomb he/she can use a rope to jump over the bomb and he/she doesn't loses any life counter.

There are two spaces in the board that you lose 1 life counter if you don't use a rope because of the height and there is a space that to continue you need to use a rope.  

[Candle]: Some spaces are darkers than other and to collect the treasures there you need to use the candle. One use.

[Whip]: When a player is in a space adjecent to yours you can use the with in him/her and he/she loses a life counter. Unlimited use.

The game begins:

Movement: Each players moves in order rolling a d6 and after all the players had moved the Giant Boulder moves rolling a d3.The first turn the Giant Boulder don't move.

Player’s Turn:

-He/she chooses to use an ítem.

- He/she collects 1 treasure from the space in where he/she is, if there is any.

-He/she chooses in which direction(forwards/backwards) he/she is going to move.

-He/she rolls the die and moves  x spaces where x is the number in the die.



Collecting treasures:

Most spaces only have one treasure.

There are spaces with 2 treasures, that means that a treasure can be collected there twice, but in a single collect can’t be collected both treasures.

Dark spaces: The treasure in a dark space count as 2 normal treasures.

Game ends:

If the Giant Boulder pass by a space with a player or lands in it, the game ends for that player.

When a player loses the 4 life counters, the game ends for that player.

When a player reach the exit, the others players can’t move backwards anymore, the first player to reach the exit gets an additional treasure.


When all the players reach the exit, the player with more treasures is the winner(although the others players won against the Giant Boulder at least).

The board:

Sketch that i made yesterday, actually the game would need at least the double of spaces to be playable.



Comments (7)

CalaveraX said

at 2:11 pm on Jun 30, 2009

sounds like Inidiana jones! nothing toy say. is a really good idea for me... u have boosts, penaltys, conflict, an external factor that persuit players. i can't wait to playtest your game hehehe :D


Tyler Sandersfeld said

at 2:20 pm on Jun 30, 2009

We had pretty much the same idea, Daniel -- a game where collecting is just as important, if not moreso, than getting to the end. I like your theme more, though.

Dan Kelly said

at 8:05 pm on Jul 1, 2009

This is a really good idea. As you say, the board would need to be at least twice as large, but if you expanded with two more rows below you'd have a nice square, and even more rope needed. Would be good to see some color added to the board though, to set the tone... maybe dark brown for the background.

mike.reddy@... said

at 12:33 am on Jul 2, 2009

So rope, candle and bomb would be counters? Do players start off with these, or are they placed strategically on board and how many lives do you have to begin with? Really nice Raiders theme. Interested in choice of direction before roll of dice, rather than after. You may want to keep short board but put more treasure on it,

cathywyo1@yahoo.com said

at 5:08 am on Jul 2, 2009

Looks like an interesting game with some good intriguing elements. Requires strategy has a goal and some things to overcome...conflict.

Dan Kelly said

at 1:18 pm on Jul 2, 2009

Mike, you missed the part in the rules saying:

"Then each player chooses 5 items in any combination from the next item list."

Daniel García said

at 2:42 pm on Jul 2, 2009

To Mike: If the choice of direction was after the roll, in most cases there would be a better choice, you aren't risking anything, right now you need to make the choice of daring to go back and get more treasures but you could go too far back and be crushed by the boulder or play it safe and go forward.And about the treasures, i didn't put it clear enough but each space in "blank" has a treasure in it. And you start with 4 life counters.

To all: Thanks for the comments.

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