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15 Minute Board Game Challenge

Page history last edited by André Lamelas 14 years, 11 months ago

Following the four steps set forth in Level 1 (summarized below), try to create a board game in only 15 minutes, using a sheet of printer paper for the board, and a sheet of notebook paper for the rules.


Four Steps:

  • Draw a Path
  • Come up with a theme or objective.
  • Create a set of rules to let the player move from place to place.
  • Create conflict.


Games Created using this Challenge (Now in Alphabetical Order...please add accordingly)

note: if you are wondering what people have come up with since you were last on, go to recent activity, click More activity, and hit New Pages in the Filter Activity box.


4R: Ridiculously Ruinous Ricocheting Rayguns by JAM

2-4 Players

Time to complete: 15-20 minutes on the game, a bit more on the presentation here

Summary: Race to the finish, firing richocheting lasers from giant rayguns at each other while destroying the environment!


Alien Race by Kalle Miller

2+ Players

Time to complete: Didn't count.

Summary: Ach, run! It's the UFO's!


Axe-Man Cometh! by Nathan Russell

2+ players (probably more!)

Time to complete: 14 minutes

Summary: a homocidal maniac is on the loose - get away before he gets you!


Ballpoint Sumo by Dr. Mike Reddy

2 Players

Time to complete 12 minutes

Summary: Use pens like never before!


Bees and Hives by Lorena Martínez

2 or more players

Time to complete 13 minutes

Summary: Go pick your pollen before is gone!


Black Widow by Russ Brock

2-4 Players

Time to complete: 20 mins

Summary: Escape before she can catch you! (Based on a harrowing near death experience I had the other night.)


The Brave by Jason Hostutler

completion time: 2o mins


Boulder'n'roll by Daniel Garcia

Players: 2+

Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Summary: Each player try to be the one with more treasures and exit the cave meanwhile they  are followed by a Giant Boulder!


Campfire by Jamie Reid

Players: 2

Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Summary: Race for the perfectly cooked mashmallow without getting burned.


Can't Run Forever by Roxanne B. Payer 

Players: 2 to 4

Time to Complete: 14 minutes.

Theme: Escape from the Grim Reaper.


Collector's Edition  by Tyler Sandersfeld

Time to Complete: 13 mins for the rough version (considerably longer for the posted version)

Summary: Being the first to the end doesn't matter if you don't have the goods.


Conquer of Energy by Astengo

Players: 2-4

Tme to Complete: 20 min.

Theme: In the future wars will be done not for money or territory but for energy sources.


Dice Racer by Sergio Kossio

Players: 2 to 6

Time to Complete: ~15 minutes concept, ~1 hour graphics

Theme: Racing

Summary: Dice Racer is a game where players race each other, rely on chance to land on special spaces, and leave around traps and boost either for themselves or their opponents. The first player to get to the finish line after 3 laps wins. 


Don't Look Down by Colin Avrech

Players: 2 to 8

Theme: Rock Climbing(Falling down a mountain)


Drag Rage by Isaac Shalev

Players: 2

Time to Complete: 15 minutes

Summary: It takes nerves of steel to floor your gas pedal and cross the finish line first in this drag-racing simulation.


Elephant Walk by Ted Duby

Time to complete: ~25 minutes

2 Players

Summary:  Be the first merchant in India to deliver goods on your elephant to the market.  But watch out for obstacles along the way!


Entanglement by Alain Bellon

Time to complete: 7 min

2+ Players

Summary: A strategy game. Build your network by moving from node to node but only along unused network paths. Fast to setup, and instant rules. Unusual path game but adheres to the rules literally.


Escape from the Death Star by Sean Nittner

Time to complete: 15 minutes

Players: 2

Summary: Each rebel races to board and X-Wing before the Death Star explodes.  Win by quoting lines from Star Wars and by being able to identify those quotes.  Strategy emerges as players are able to control the progress of their opponent based on how well they can identify the quote.


Escape the Shark by David Spieth

Time to Complete:  10-15 minutes.


Components:  Board, dice, 4 player pawns, shark pawn

Summary:  There's a simple path of spaces to the beach from the sea.  The players are trying to outswim a shark who is after them. 


Extinction by Leana Galiel

Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Summary: Players race forward to survive extinction as a dinosaur. As they move forward, the board becomes a wasteland behind them.


Faster Than the Bear: by Matthew Johnson

Time to complete: About fifteen minutes, plus noodling on the bus ride home.

Players: 3+ (odd numbers are best)

Summary: A game based on the joke whose punchline is "I don't need to run faster than the bear, I just need to run faster than you." Designed to encourage alliance, betrayal and revenge. 


Faster Than You: by Anthony Reese

Time to complete:  20min

Summary: Another game based on the joke whos punchline is "I don't need to run faster than the bear. I just need to run faster than you."  It's all about stealing shoes from other players while getting away from the bear.


Flood by Andy Elliott

Time to complete: About ten minutes

Summary: Players are racing to reach the last remaining seat on a boat to escape their rapidly flooding city.


Forest Fire by Carl de Visser - (Updated, initial version moved, link on page)

Time to complete: 15 minutes to put game in notebook, another 90 minutes to write rules up and do a partial playtest and amend rules.

Summary: Two players, one representing the fire racing to destroy the town, the other the fire chief racing water to the fire to put it out.


Fortify by Bryan Griffiths

Time to complete: 5 minutes for the rules and board and another 10 minutes for a quick play test.

Players: 2 to 6

Summary: Keep your force on the move while fortifying as much of the land as possible in order to pen in your enemies and force them to make a fatal mistake.


Frenzy! by Fabrizio Marcotulli

Time to complete: 5 minutes for the board and general idea. over 20 for the ruleset I linked.

Summary: race to the finish line while preventing others to move and catch up with you


Frontier by Jason Greeno

Time to Complete: 13 minutes

Summary: Race to Settle the Unknown


Generic Race Game  by Russ Nordman

Players: 2 or more

Summary: A game where you race across courses of your making using the provided space markers.


Get to da choppah! by Jason Pace

Time to Complete: 15 minutes

Players: 2 to 12 players

Summary: Like the title says... Get to da choppah!


Get It Together by Steven Egan

Time to Complete: 7 - 10 min

Players: 2+

Theme: Art, Life and Interaction (Mostly Interaction)


Grab That Hen, Joe (Pega a Galinha, Zé) by Team Loodo

Time to Complete: < 10 minutes

Players: 2 to 4 Players

Summary: When living on a farm your next meal is running through the henhouse!


Hive Queen by Pedro "xeoncat" Miranda

Players: 2

Summary: You are the ant champion of your colony and the enemy colony kidnapped your most beloved Queen. It is time for a rescue!


Homework Run by Mario Cesar Lins

Players: 2 to 5 Players

Summary: You and your friends have copied the homework assignment from the same source!

now who gets to school first gets the grade!


House Pet Peccadillo by Monte Nichols

Players: 2

Summary: A fight like never before, see Dogs, Cats, and Mice face off in a rock, paper, scissors style battle to control the house.


Hunt for the Autograph by Luke McCampbell

Players: 2 to 4

Summary:  Your one of the countless members of the con. You and your friends are all huge game design buffs, and you have to get the autograph of your favorite game designer on his new board game. The problem is getting their before your fellow hotel room mates can.


Hyperspace by Doug Bass

Players: 2 to 4

Summary:  Race through space.  Entering hyperspace allows you to move faster, but is a riskier form of travel.


Ice Mountain by Edgar Miranda

Players: 2 to 4

Summary: Be the first to climb to the top of the icy mountain.


inDICEs by Ryan Kinal

Players: 2

Summary: A simple strategy game of planning and movement.


John Henry by Chris Valk

Time to complete: 10 min, plus an hour research/write-up

Summary: A game of transcontinental railroading for 2 robber barons.


Just Go by Luis Sopelana

Players: 2 or 3

Summary: Follow the path and try to reach the checkered square with an exact dice throw.


King of the Hill by Alex Crouzen

Time to complete: +/- 10 minutes

Summary: Try to reach the top of the mountain, but watch those boulders!


King's Court by Dan Carreker

Time to Complete: 15 min

Summary:  Be the first to complete the assembeling of your court in this easy to set-up board/card game.  2-4 players.


Kitchen Carnage by Vee Uye

Time to Complete: 10+ mins

Summary: Race to snag the last slice of pizza 


Legionnaire's March (15 minute game) by David Hampton

Time to Complete: 8-10 minutes

Players: 3-5 (board drawing not uploaded, path is 10 spaces long after the start square.)

Summary: Be the first Legionnaire to march all their prisoners to the hill.


Man on Wire by david epstein (Theme inspired by documentary of the same name).

Time to complete: 15 minutes-ish

Time to complete a game: depends on age and temperament 

3-7 players

Summary: Players represents aspiring high wire artists competing to traverse a series of high wire lines strung between the largest buildings in New York City.


Mathematics Adventures!

By Nahuel "CalaveraX"

Time to complete: About 10 minuts

Players: Two to four.

Summary: A Board game, bassed on Mathematics, with 3 categories, adapted to the respective ages (6 to 8 // 8 to 10 // and 10 to 12). is a didactid game bassed on Elemental School Contents.


Migration by Ryan Hintze and Karen Schrier

Time to complete: 10 - 15 minutes

Players: 2

Summary Players take on the role of wildebeasts trying to migrate accross the African plains.


Mine Field  by Javier Sierra

Time to complete: 8 minutes

Players: 2 or more players

Summary: Players must advance to the end of a field while placing mine traps for each others.


Mixed Signals by Scott Nicholson

Players : 4, in teams of 2

Summary: Players attempt to blindly navigate through a maze following verbal instructions from their partner while deaing with interference from the other team.


Moan by Bryant Drew Jones

Time to Complete: 13 minutes~ish

Players: 3+

Summary: Kiss that body. Suck that body. Feel that body. Touch that body. Eat that body. Caress that body. Love that body. Lick that body.


Monsters in the Closet by Aaron

Time to Complete: 9:56

Summary: Every kid's worst nightmare is the monster in the closet. Now, you've fallen into the closet and have to get out before the monster finds you!


Monster Race By Edna Ann Rouse

Time to Complete: About 15 min

Summary: Beat the monster to the end! With a head start, should be easy, right? First one there is a Lucky Ducky.


Moon Race by Samuel Roden

Time to Complete: About 1 hour (got caught up in the MSpaint-ing!)

Summary: Escape from the giant moon robot by running all of the way around the moon!

Players: 4


Mouse Madness by John Kirk

Time to Complete: About 15 min (for initial rules)

Summary: Everyone's a mouse.  Push, shove, and scramble your way to the cheese, but look out for the mouse holes!


NomNomNom by Grant Shonkwiler

1 to 4 players

Time to complete: about 7 minutes

Summary: You play a piece of food trying to be the last one eaten by "The Mouth"


Obstacle Course by Crofter

1 to 4 players

Time to complete: about 15 minutes

Summary:  Racer in last place can arrange obstacles.


Odds Down Evens Up by Adrian Clark

Players: 2+

Time to Complete: 15 Minutes

Description: Odd down Evens Up is a game of risk, players roll the die in hope of getting a series of even numbers.

But be careful, the more times you roll the bigger the penalty if you roll an odd number, but the larger the gain if you roll an even.


Office Politics by Luke Magnan

Time to Complete:  About 15 minutes

Summary:  Use your hard won office influence to move up the corporate ladder, all while trying to reduce the influence of your coworkers.  This quick "race to the end" game features a unique auction mechanic and has a "take that!" feel.


ORC ESCAPE by Marcos Jr

Players: 2+

Time to complete: not clocked(under 15min)

Summary: Players run and fight orcs and themselves to get to the safehouse and escape the orc attack.


Pattycake Panic! by Silent Ellipsis

Players: 4 (2 teams of 2)

Summary: Reach the finish by completing games of pattycake faster than the opposing team. Also, throw pies.


Pie_Challenge  by Jamie Tribe

Players: 2 - 4

Summary: Players compete in feats of strength and wits in order to earn the delicious spoils!


Pixel Princess and the Exuberant Suitors  by Nat Loh

Players: 2-4

Summary: Reach the top of Pixel Mountain to win the hand of the Pixel Princess.  Collect gifts along the way in an attempt to buy her affection and attention!


Prediction by Guillaume Savoie

Players: 3 to 4

Objective : Beat your fellow psychic to the top of the mountain by predicting their next move.


Pyramid! Dammit!  by Gonzalo Tirado

Players: 2+

Summary: reaches the top of the pyramid, stab your friends


QWERTY-madness by ShadowXX

Players: 2-4

Summery: Reach the end faster than your rival, by moving through a keyboard, answering questions, getting over traps. Have fun!


Race 2 Live by Jesse Dhillon

Players: 2-4

Time to complete: 15 minutes to develop the rules, plus all the time between when I read the chapter and when I did the work.

Summary: Made by someone who has been playing too much Left 4 Dead.


Race for Candy by Misty Matonis

Players: 2+

Time to complete: unknown

Summary: It's Halloween! Get home before your friend and collect more candy than they do to win!


Race Game by Andrew Perry.

Players: 2

Time to complete: ~ 15 mins

Summary: Two race cars fight it out for poll position. Take the lead early to block your opponent from passing you !


Race for plunder by Lukc

Players: 2+

Summary: Compete with your wily band of 'heroes' to plunder the fabulous city of Goblinopolis.


Ratman by Dan Kelly

Players: 2-4 (more are possible)

Time to complete: About 15 minutes.

Summary: You are a rat, and so are your fellow players. Race to save the guy who gives you food.


Roads & Bridges by Eric Renz-Whitmore 

Players: 2-4 players

Time to complete: 20-30 minutes

Summary: Players compete to build a highway of cards to the same destination


Robotron by Vladimir Agafonov

Players: 2-4

Time to complete: ~30 mins

Summary: Show you tactical skills as a commander of robots army and win the championship.


Rockskippers  by Dustin Cruz

2+ Players

Time to complete: 10-15 min

Summary: Coin spinning, rock skipping, 15 min game


Run Through the Jungle by Brendan

Players: 2-6

Time to complete: probably too long

Summary: Chaseing or being chased, Better run through the jungle.


Runaway Train by Robert Gauss

Players: 1-4

Time: 20-30 minutes

The goal is to beat the train down the tracks and hit all of the emergency brakes on the tracks.


Running with Scissors by Stephen Glenn

Time to Complete: 9 minutes

Summary: Race by playing RPS


Scrambble by Patrick Mortensen

Players: 2 to 4

Summary: From several starting points, players race on intersecting paths toward a common goal, collecting letter tiles along the way; When all players reach the goal, each attempts to make the best word possible (points are assigned to letters) with the tiles that have been collected.


Seeds by Joe Tortuga

Time to Complete: 5-10 minutes.

Summary: Tilt your seeds to use the wind and get to the best land, furthest from the mother tree.


Sewer Run By Jennifer Oates

Time to complete 12  minutes (paper version(please excuse any spelling mistakes)

players 2-8

Summary: you are a rat trying to get the food at the end of the sewer while avoiding the cats and bleu the monster that lives in the sewer 


Shadow Catcher by André Lamelas

Time to complete: around 10 minutes

Players: 2, although the concept is expandable

Summary: on a circular board, you try to catch your opponent's shadow before he catches yours


Shopping Craze by Luca Mearelli

players 2

Time to complete: little more than 15 minutes (quite more for the typing)

Summary: try to collect the beast deals in the shop and run to the exit!


Shortcut by Stephen Bierre

Players: 2+

Time to complete: 10 minutes concept, 20 minutes game board graphics.

Summary: Make it to the finish using the well traved road, or using shortcuts that may hold you back.


Singularity by Jessica Johnson

Players: 4-8

Time to complete: 15 minutes

Summary: Astronauts must reach their space ship in time to escape the black hole!


Swing Dresser! by Liam O'Brien

players 3+

Time to complete 15 minutes (but an hour for the typing)

Summary: The regular dresser is out sick. You've never seen the show or been backstage, and you only have notes to tell you what to do... this wouldn't be so bad if you were the only swing on tonight...


Systems Engineering by Tom McKendree

Players: 2+

Time to complete: 5 minutes to figure out, ~90 minutes to create the board, and write and proof the rules.

Summary: Players compete to complete the classic Systems engineering "V" process (Design and Analysis from the top down, then Integration and Test from the bottom up).  Includes an unusual "Press your luck" mechanism.


Take and Run by Dirk Songuer

Players: 2-3

Time to Complete: 15 Mins

Summary: Take the spaces while you run but watch your opponent before you cross the finish line


The Madness of Cthulhu, by Orion Cooper

Players: 2 to 4

Time to Complete: Development and Writing: 15 minutes; Game Board: 5 minutes; Tokens: 10 minutes

Summary: You play a doomed scholar escaping from unnatural horrors in an alien and antediluvian city.


The Paths We Tread by Kyle Kafka

Players: 2

Time to Complete: ~20 Minutes

Summary: Battle the elements to deliver the goods


The Siege by Brandon Jeffries

Players: 2

Time to Complete: 20 minutes?

Summary: Abstract castle warfare


The Snail Race by Dan1066

Time to Complete: <10 min

Summary: Two or more players race to get to the center of the snails shell


The X marrks the spot by Federico Fasce

3 to 4 players

Time to complete: about 10 minutes

Summary: The game brings you to the caribbean, where pirates struggle to find a treasure and made it safe to the port.


Thieve's Den by Christopher Nelson

Players: 2+

Time to Complete: circa 12 minutes

Summary: You are a potential recruit to the Thieve's Guild and must prove your worth by reaching them first.


Time Trap by Matt Lehoux

Players: 3-4

Time to Complete: <10 minutes 

Summary: You'll all get there at the same time, but who will be left to ambush what is chasing you?


Traffic Rules Learning by Pollyana Mustaro

2-6 Players

Time to complete: around 30 minutes / 1 hour.

Summary: Run with car on the city by traffic rules and context situations.


Treasures Traps n Monsters by Guilherme Guimaraes

players: 2 to 4

time to complete: around 25min (spend a litle more on the board)

Summary: grab many treasures as you can and scape the dungeon before it colapses.


Turtle-Hare by Isidoro Legido

2 Players

Time to complete: 15 mins

Summary: A rece between a turtle and a hare


Turf Wars by Graham Russell

Players: 2

Time to Complete: <15 minutes

Summary: Rival gangs are attempting to retreat back to their side of the city through the narrow neutral zone, avoiding the opponent whose territory they just blitzed.  When you're mortal enemies, things won't go peacefully.


Two Fat Dudes in a Narrow Hallway, or: The Big Squeeze by Dave Seidner

Players: 2

Time to Complete: 15 Mins

SummaryA quick roll and move game for two players with conflict, decision and negotiation.  Each player represents a fat dude at the opposite end of a narrow hallway.  The players inevitably encounter each other somewhere in the middle.  Will they negotiate a way around each other?  Or, will they simply bump big bellies in conflict?  The winner gets to boast the title of Honorary Skinny Dude!


Two Fat Dudes (Iteration 2) by Dave Seidner

Players: Still 2

Time to Complete: 5 Mins to make changes

Summary of ChangesNo time limit for negotiation, instead it costs a point to offer or counter offer. Reversed numbers on Hallway Track, instead of high to low (ends to middle) it's low to high. End game scoring simplified: subtract 5 points for each space left in path to get to finish.


Up the Ladder by Brendon Trombley

Players: 2

Time to Complete: 20-30 mins

Summary: Play one of two very hungry dudes racing up parallel tracks (sides of a ladder) to get to the PBJ sandwich at the top of the ladder. Strategically place boosts and traps on either side of the ladder, or force a swap where each player must move to the other side.


Vie for the Pie! by Ken Pratt

Players: 2-4

Time to Complete: <10 minutes

Summary: In a race against hunger, who will win and devour the deliciousness?



Summary: The volcano has erupted and you must escape from the village to the city before the lava covers everything.

Objective: Escape from the lava of the volcano and be the first to reach the city.

Number of players: 2 +  

Mechanics: Roll and move


Web of Chaos!

Time to Complete - IDK, I wasn't really timing myself

2 to 4 players

Summary - Players are spiders that have to race to the center of the web.  I didn't draw one, but there's a bug there.  I guess.


We (I) Must Succeed!

Summary: Sure, teamwork is necessary to get to the top of the mountain, but what people remember is who got there first. The players represent a team of mountaineers trying to reach the top of a summit...but each one also wants the fame and glory of being the first one to plant their flag.

Number of Players: 2-5 Players

Time to Complete: 20 minutes actual work, about 30 minutes sitting in my subconscious, 30 minutes writing it up and doodling.


Wicked Woods: by Robert Polzin

TIme to Complete: 10 minutes

Time to Complete A Game: 20-30 minutes

Players: 2-4

Summary: A card and board game that pits player against player through a treacherous woods. They must use their wits and luck to beat their siblings to grandmother's house while avoiding the creepy crawlies and other dangers of the woods.


X-Virus: by Mike Holyoak

Time to complete 15 minutes (plus image search)

Players: 2

Summary: A board game where players use a standard deck of cards to speed their zombie virus strains through a victim's hapless body toward the brain. Or should you use the cards to move your opponent's strains backward?  Whoever infects the brain the most is the winner!


Ziggurat: Race to the Top

2-4 players

Time to complete: Rough version 12+ minutes  Sumbitted version: a bit longer

Summary: Race to the top of the Ziggurat, but watch out for your opponents! 


Mouse Labyrinth by Szonja Odrovics

2-4 players

Time to complete: +/- 10 mins (rough version)

Summary: In this game mice race for a piece of cheese in a labyrinth created for laboratory experiments.




Comments (20)

Stephen Glenn said

at 11:43 am on Jun 30, 2009

How do I post a game to this page?

Stephen Glenn said

at 11:44 am on Jun 30, 2009

Okay, I figured it out.

Andy Elliott said

at 12:34 pm on Jun 30, 2009

@Robert Polzin: you're game sounds a little like The Path! http://tale-of-tales.com/ThePath/

Robert Polzin said

at 12:50 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Lol I just took a look at that. I'd hope that at least with my game I wouldn't melt an eight year old's poor mind. That seriously does look like a very creepy game. My initial thoughts upon looking over the videos on the website you linked me were: "If Cthulhu did a murder mystery it would be something similar to The Path". An interesting comparison though I think mine probably has a lighter side of humor to it.

Robert Polzin said

at 1:36 pm on Jun 30, 2009

I have to get back to work. I'll try to look over other people's additions and comment on them tonight if possible! Everyone has some great ideas and concepts so far, its amazing to see how many different games can come out of one 15 minute single person brainstorm session.

Aaron said

at 5:33 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Wow, this is awesome! I didn't imagine that anyone else would try my challenge. Now I've got all kinds of cool board games to try out. :D

Colin Avrech said

at 5:34 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Check out don't look down, it's a rough prototype but I figured why not have a game where players don't want to reach the end. Please give me some feedback if you decide to try it out

Leana Galiel said

at 6:00 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Aaron - ah was it you who started this page? well as everyone participating was supposed to do the homework, it only makes sense to put them all up here together. And actually it would be interesting if people would post most design challenges if they think of any :D

Colin - I have tried out this idea myself, it gives a completely different feel with the goal being more survival than of reaching the end. Several months ago I began work on a boardgame where players are forced to move forward according to die rolls and are trying to survive the board by being the last one to reach the end. If a player reaches the end of the board, they lose the game.
That's just the basic principle of the game, you can see what I did with it on my site here: http://leanagaliel.com/non-digital-game-designs/the-botswana-bushmen/

Dan Sterling said

at 6:04 pm on Jun 30, 2009

I'm not computer savvy, can anyone tell me how to post my game up? I have my board on paper, and my rules, but I just can't seem to figure out how everyone is creating documents and posting everything.

Leana Galiel said

at 6:17 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Dan- on the top right is Create a Page, click that to create your own page. There you can type up your rules, and add images using the Insert Links box on the right (click on the Images and Files tab, and then Upload files. Find your image files on your computer and hit open. Then click on the new file in the Images and Files tab to add it to your page - just make sure you click on the file you just added). SAVE! To add your page to this page's listing, click to edit this page, type your title and the rest of the information on the page, select your title text and go back to the Insert Links box, this time clicking on the Pages tab. Click on the Insert a link to a new page, find your page and click it. That should create a link to the page.

Leana Galiel said

at 6:22 pm on Jun 30, 2009

The list was starting to get a bit long, so I went ahead and alphabetized for easy searching. Yes now you cant see what was added after you last saw...but think about if you wanted to look at a specific game, or you tell someone about one of them and they have to search through a huge list to find it.

Andy Silva said

at 7:45 pm on Jun 30, 2009

There's a monthly challenge along these lines hosted on the boardgame designers forum - http://www.bgdf.com/
If you thought this was fun you might want to take a look at that as well.

Dan Sterling said

at 11:44 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Now I have to figure out how to shrink my image.

Dan Sterling said

at 11:50 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Ok, now it's better

mike.reddy@... said

at 5:12 am on Jul 1, 2009

Have posted my game, Ballpoint Sumo, here and on my blog http://mycommunity.newport.ac.uk/blogs/mreddy01/ as friends are interested in what I am doing, who won't have access here. Still not on forum, awaiting activation, which is my own bloody fault for not registering a username there before Ian's meltdown this week; note I DID register for the course ages ago, but that was my downfall, as the 29th was just AGES away, then suddenly was YESTERDAY.

ishalev@gmail.com said

at 5:23 am on Jul 1, 2009

Ach, I've added my game, Drag Rage, three times to this page, and it keeps disappearing. Hope it stays up.

ShadowXX said

at 10:07 am on Jul 1, 2009

I don't get it. I posted a game. And it didn't appear... T_T

CalaveraX said

at 10:11 am on Jul 1, 2009

you have to edit this page, and add the link to your game page :)

ShadowXX said

at 10:20 am on Jul 1, 2009

Yeaaay!!! Got it. Thanks for the help! ^_^

Carl de Visser said

at 5:48 am on Jul 4, 2009

I have updated my game (Forest Fire) based on a couple of playtests. I'd be keen to have feedback from anyone willing to have a look.

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